Higgs Boson, #CERN, #Science, and #Comic Sans

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

 Today, CERN, announced that with a certainty of 5 sigmas they had detected a particle, akin to the Higgs Boson (via the energy, 126.5GeV, it emits as it decays). This VERY closely matched the predicted Standard Model of a Higgs Boson.

My only disappointment was that I was expecting the 1812 Overture as they made their announcement but all I got was the Comic Sans font  of the fabulous scientist, Fabiola Gianotti (member of CERN’s ATLAS team).

What was trending this early AM?   #Higgs, #CERN, #ATLAS, #LHC, #Fabiola Gianotti, and #Comic Sans .  Huh? What was a casual computer font like, Comic Sans,  doing trending?

You see Fabiola Gianotti is the Italian particle physicist in charge of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Switzerland. In her presentation, she rather humorously chose to use Comic Sans, for her presentation’s font. Well apparently that insignificant detail of this momentous occasion was enough to set the entire blogerrati all a-twitter.

Five Sigmas?

What the heck is five sigmas and why did they write that as 99.9999 (six nines), just shy of 100? Sigma (σ) is known as the standard deviation. The variance from the norm either positive or negative variance from the expected value. So what the scientists were looking for was a confidence level in the data so significant, that there could not be any other conclusion. They usually accept 5 sigmas (99.9999) as their hurdle for acceptance. The only people who routinely deny five sigmas are TEA Party politicians and their followers.

Motorola in the 1970’s was searching for a level of excellence and stability and repeatability in their processes called Six Sigma. To give you an idea of Six Sigma and its impact on business, especially in the IT world from which Stanczyk did some of his best works. We would often discuss achieving six sigmas of “UP TIME” for our massive databases (Data Marts, Data Warehouses). In one year’s time there are 525,600 minutes. So to achieve six sigmas, we would need to make our databases available the entire year, except for less than 40 minutes of unavailability. The uptime would have to be more than 525,560 minutes out of 525,600. Quality/Certainty at this level comes at a very high price – so in the business world we would usually accept something less than Six Sigma.

In statistics 2 sigmas of deviation on either side of the bell curve (you remember the bell curve don’t you),  would mean you have 95% of the area under the curve, 3 sigmas would account for about 99.7%, so 5 sigmas accounts for 99.9999% of the area under the curve, leaving almost no room for error. That is a LOT of confidence.

The error function for five sigmas gives you:

0.999999426697 (so five sigmas is more accurately written as 99.9999426697 – when you multiply by 100 to get a percentage). The possibility of error is 1 minus the 5 sigmas or: 0.000000001973 . All zeroes until  the 9th decimal place. So that is pretty close to no chance for error.


Higgs Boson


Oh, today’s hullabaloo was really all about a quantum particle called the Higgs Boson (prosaically called by media types, the “God Particle”, which of course the godless, atheists (the majority) of scientists refuse to use   J  ) .  The Higgs Boson was named after Peter Higgs. Who was one of six people who came up with the theoretical model predicting the Higgs Boson. Higgs was annoyed that the particle became nicknamed the “God Particle” by the media. Higgs thought it might offend religious types. But in actuality it really just offends those who do not believe in any religion or who want to credit everything in the universe to “randomness”.


This boson is the one whose appearance quickly after the Big Bang is what gave mass to all other particles in the universe. Today, science has said they are 99.9999426697% (five sigmas) certain that the decay and energy release their experimental data that they have recorded show that the LHC created a Higgs Boson predicted by Dr Peter Higgs’ theoretical model.


Happy 4th of JULY!   Cue the 1812 Overture and the Fireworks (our big bang in the USA).


5 Comments to “Higgs Boson, #CERN, #Science, and #Comic Sans”

  1. The majority of scientists are atheists, eh? Interesting. I’d love to read that study.


    • Dave,
      Welcome to the blog. If my comments generated offense then I have compassion for you. They were gentle jabs and meant in a humorous vein similar to Dr Fabiola Gianotti, when she said, “Thanks Nature …” in place of saying Thank God. A person’s religiousness is their own personal business. Thanks for reading and also for writing.

      It was not my intent to offend anyone in the sciences which I love. I am a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) professional too. Albeit I almost never employ my Science knowledge; Mostly I use the TEM skills.



  2. In attempting to understand the big bang and the reassemble of mass and energy there appears to be a predicted intermediate step nicknamed the God particle. So then is everything made of one thing and it’s binding and bound characteristics create the opportunity for guided randomness. Is this a contradiction or randomness on a defined stage, maybe the essence of free will, guided randomnes of free will choices.
    Imagine the randomness is continuously guided through a hidden process of change.
    I just read that someone realizes that we still no less about the universe than we someday will learn, and I would like to contribute humbly but direct.

    ghost Wave theory
    Singularity decays into
    Mass, energy, and space as a desending attribute of property from particle to wave.
    Generalizing, physics laws state that mass and energy cannot not exist but could there be a third state? Maybe space?
    As a light bulb stays consistently on and appears not to change even though energy is used because as long there is a hidden power source could mass and energy stay the same even though there is a hidden power source, stars, as mass and energy decay onto all wave, space itself? Yes… It is possible, 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics shows that there’s energy loss in an isolated system due to gravitational waves. Extrapolating this experiment to all mass and energy this means that all mass and energy naturally decay and if mass and energy are decaying as they absorb more energy from their respective stars then space itself should be increasing at the speed of all radiation and taking mass and energy with it at a constant force and decreasing mass increasing in acceleration. Time and space are actions of this process and gravity is the reaction of wavefront formation.
    Everyrhing becomes clear abd explainable with wavefront formation being the nature of mass decay.
    Thank you,
    C. Michael Turner

    Welcome to the blog, C. Michael Turner. I am not qualified to speak as an expert on physics/cosmology, but I am a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) professional and I am continually amazed by what other STEM professionals are able to accomplish in their fields!

    By the way, I have a plan to acquire a good many books on quantum / particle science and mathematics. I am more fascinated by the mathematics which is admittedly the least interesting aspect, but it was the math which allowed Peter Higgs to predict the Higgs boson (aka God Particle) should exist — now a 5 sigma fact.



    • Wow!


    • Thank you,
      Even with the Higgs Boson confirmed, there are still too many mysteries still unanswered, what I show in the “Ghost wave theory” is the hidden underlying mechanism that allows all of physics laws to exist in ONLY THREE DIMENSIONS. Throughout the history of discovery has missed two very fundamental processes, this is now beyond doubt to me because I have proven it with experiment and observation and it fits Everyrhing. It doesn’t conflict with the Higgs Boson, it compliments it by showing that mass (and energy) decay into waves forming wavefronts with reactions, the Ghost wave theory completes the picture of past, present and future of the universe. It not only predicts dark energy as just a version of F= MxA it also predicts space as continuous actions of wavefront formation and the feedback actions such as dark matter, dark flow, dark filiments, Everyrhing flows out from mass and energy creating time, space and gravity as actions of this hidden process. The rest of the world just had to catch up in their understanding. I spent a few years coalescing my understanding and the breakthroughs came incrementally until I verified that the Huygens principle has a verifiable reaction to constructive wave interference. In the 1600’s ping pong balls were not available to do a simple test. Could the action of the Huygens principles wavefront formation be translated from action of the wavefront to the reaction of wave stress and tension and create gravity? The answer is yes! Time space and gravity are actions of space expanding via this process of mass and energy decaying into space itself, the gravitational wave (irreversibly bound gravitons into a wave produced continuously from all mass and energy),

      Funny thing is that all the math in the world can not help you discover this process, it is creativity with a basis of solid physics and Rhe ability to have a built in feeling of what works that got mr there. Math just explains the picture once you understand the picture,
      Dr. C. Michael Turner


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