Technology Diary

Technology Diary


Had been doing some PERL code for PARI. Project shelved due grant/funding not coming this year. PERL for genealogy is a favorite pursuit of mine. Been so busy that this is my first Tech Diary for 2015. WWDC15 is both awesome and disappointing at the same time. No new hardware, but plenty of focus on software and some platform technology (ex. Apple Pay, Apple Music, etc.) I really needed some Apple TV love (how about 4K support/UHD and a newer faster set-top-box)! I hope the delay is worth it.

Loving SWIFT. Version 2 is new this year. I like the reg-ex/pattern-match if-statement (just like PERL). You know what else I like? It is being Open Sourced !!! Later this year you will be able to write Swift for iOS, Mac OS X, and Linux. I hope someone ports it to Windows too. Swift is becoming the new JAVA.

iOS – smaller foot print (more space for apps/photos/music/videos and easier downloads for updating), uses less battery which should gain the average user at least 1 hour more time per charge. True multi-tasking in iOS for iPAD. Pic-In-Pic capability. Perhaps it will be more useful in iPhone/iPAD than in TV. Security is more evident and stronger along with privacy. Good for Apple. iCloud app (see last year).


Developed a Powerpoint Deck on one my Trademarked ideas, which I am eager to show interested parties through my lawyer …  just waiting for the deal to close and the work to begin.

Adding a FLIPBOARD button seems to be stripped from wordpress, but here is the code anyway:

<a data-flip-widget="flipit" href="">Add to Flipboard Magazine.</a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>




The Whitehouse released its The U.S. Digital Services Playbook (link goes to GitHub) today. It appears that our government is going Agile. That is an excellent move. The playbook (  details 13 Digital Service Plays. I was most interested in The TechFAR Handbook  on the GitHub project page under its “About” section.  In the Federal Requisition Regulation (FAR) handbook we see the emphasis on an Agile Methodology. This #STEM worker approves. I have been a part of such an agile team (SCRUM) for one project and utilized agile concepts in many companies. This works as project management tool.

26-JUNE-2014 thru present

Using PERL to analyze  GEDCOM. On a Mac!   Cannot write Swift without Mac OS  X.10. Have the XCode, now I need the OS updated.



04-JUNE-2014 thru 08-JUNE-2014

Learning Swift programming language (new from Apple’s WWDC)

Assembled Documentation, Read Some, 1st Impression SWIFT = Objective-PERL

I love SWIFT because I love PERL  and the consistency, and elimination of errors before run-time


05-AUG-2013 thru 11-AUG-2013

  1. Installed Oracle12c on Windows
  2. Learned about Common vs Local User, Oerr ORA 65096
  3. Learned about Container, Pluggable databases


  1. Started using MailStoreHome for Email Archival
  2. Learned of the software from Library of Congress


10-FEB-2013 – 15-MAY-2013

  1. Using MySQL v5.5 for idea of an App
  2. Used PERL to analyze GEDCOM files for anomalies
  3. Using TOAD for MySQL v6.3 for database work



  1. Familiarized myself with GitHubnot really part of #RootsTech 2012 ToDo List, but is related
  2. Learned/Used Graphic Syntax Diagrammer (atomble*)
  3. Used atomble to create a partial grammar for GEDCOM v5.5; made modest enhancements to v5.5
  4. CreatedGitHub repos.




  1. Corresponded with Tamura Jones. He provided an excellent article on GEDCOM.
  2. Updated last two blogs to reflect GEDCOM v5.5.1 being the defacto standard. Added 9 tags and removed 1 (BLOB) tag => 136 total tags.
  3. ?(day is young)
  4. tweaked graphic syntax diagram



  1. Emailed diagram to Ryan Heaton & Tamura Jones.
  2. As soon as I sent the email fixed typo in diagram and rendered some more things


  1. Read Brooke Ganz’s LeafSeek documentation.
  2. Rackspace Cloud Server – pricing:
  3. Bought PHP/MySql book after – motivated by Amy Johnson Crow



  1. Played with Steve Morse’s create a One-Step Search App.
  2. Created a Search App for Dziennik Polski – Detroit Newspaper database
  3. How did I lose a whole month away from technology? Other than the iPhone.



  1. Reacquainted myself with PERL shell scripting.
  2. Found an old perl script of mine that read gedcom files
  3. Modified the perl script (  to read/analyze gedcom files and print some basic stats



  1. PERL shell scripting skills coming back.
  2. Mostly completed perl script to  read/analyze gedcom files
  3. Created a new perl script (  to read/analyze gedcom files, print some basic stats and output an indented copy of the gedcom.
  4. I want to add UNICODE, and the ability to detect invalid GEDCOM tags to .



    1. Learned a trick to embed Code into wordpress blog.
    2. saved a “DRAFT” entitled Sample Code
    3. See URL:
    4. Looks nice, SQL is supported (many languages)



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