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June 17, 2019

A Little Blog Bigos — #Genealogy

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Stanczyk has been busy. Full stop. Health, translating materials from Poland, updating blog-layout, some health issues and a new Facebook Group, plus emails. Name Distributed Over Map of Poland Waldemar Chorążewicz posted this not too long ago:

You need to use diacritics to search for names. For Example, search for Leszczyński not Leszczynski!


Diacriticals PL: ą Ćć ę Łł ń ó Śś Źź Żż (copy & paste as needed)

Facebook Group

There is a new Facebook Group on the topic of Pacanow and much of it is genealogy based. So please if you are a reader of this blog’s genealogy posts, then you might want to join this group: Goofy goats and grandmas of Pacanow 


Blog Notes

I fixed some links due to Rootsweb not being recovered (fully). But, I did upgrade my blogroll to include Julie Roberts-Szczepankiewicz ‘s excellent genealogy blog & another Polish genealogy  blogger who this jester was able to help with a translation of Witon marriage in Koprzywnica. So please note this blog promotes Polish genealogy blogs and I encourage to check out:

  1. From Shephards & Shoemakers
  2. My Family Genealogy Research 

Finally, my Rootsweb is slowly being restored. Thanks for noticing.

June 8, 2019

Donald Trump is a Coward – Millenial Cheatsheet for Vietnam Era

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Stanczyk is a creator. This genealogy blog (and Internet musings) is a big part of my work. So it brings this jester no great joy to have to write a blog on politics, when there are so many better ways to create.  For those who did not live through the Vietnam Era (millenials, et. al.), here is a cheatsheet/study guide of pols who came of age during the Vietnam War.

The Atlantic had a 2×2 matrix with two questions. The two questions were, “Did you go to Vietnam?” (yes is top row, no is bottom row). The second question was, “Should We Send Men?” (no, left column, yes, right column).


In the Atlantic article is were just four people. Al Gore represented people who believed we should NOT be in Vietnam, but went anyway.


John McCain represented, yes we need to confront communism and he bravely went to back up his point.


Bill Clinton represented we should not be in Vietnam (senseless) and he did not go.


Donald Trump represented we need to be there, just not people like him (cowards). The Atlantic was kinder and called them Chickenhawks.


In this matrix we were missing some nuance or other examples from today’s politics.

I added George W. Bush (former president) and Richard Blumenthal (senator) who served, but their service was stateside. Blumenthal was a marine reservist and Bush was an airforce reservist. Did they serve stateside because of privilege? Maybe, but they served. Al Gore who I added in uniform still served, though he did not believe in the war. He did so as an obligation because his father (Al Gore Sr.) was a politician and it would look bad for him to not serve. But he served and went to Vietnam. John Kerry was against the war but served and served heroically and then came home to protest the ongoing conflict and won office. Robert Mueller served and served heroically winning many medals. He probably did not want to go, but if you know Robert Mueller, he felt the necessity of service in support of his country. John McCain was from a line heroes and wanted to be there to earn his honor. He was shot down and tortured and had the opportunity to return home (as his family was of course well connected politically because of his father/grandfather and their military service). John McCain chose to stay and suffer his injuries rather then abandon his other crew members who were also prisoners (very heroic/honorable).


Muhammad Ali was a conscientious objector. He was against the war and would not serve. He applied for exemption and he was convicted, stripped of his titles and his licenses to box, for not serving. Four years later the Supreme Court found in Muhammad Ali’s favor and exonerated him (hence why he did not need a posthumous pardon from Trump). But Muhammad’s courage to face this on moral grounds and final exoneration cost him a lot of years of earnings in the prime of life while he faced the appeals process and confronted the war’s validity at home by appearing at college campuses across our country.

Bill Clinton was similar to Al Gore, he did not believe in the war and Bill was also a Rhodes Scholar. He was torn at how to preserve his conscientious objector status while not appearing as a draft dodger (he had political leanings). Rather than conscientiously objecting, he applied to ROTC to gain a deferment. When he came home from studying at Oxford, he canceled his deferment and had himself added back to the draft. His draft # was never selected, so never did serve in the final result.

Donald Trump was a coward. He did not want to go to Vietnam, but as with “Chickenhawks” he thought other men should serve in the war (just not him). He used 5 “bonespur” deferments to dodge the draft and avoid service in Vietnam.

Trump’s feeble attempt to pardon Muhammad Ali was a way for him to align himself with Ali and his conscientious objector status (not to mention his worldwide hero status). But Trump’s ignorance showed and it had to be explained that Muhammad Ali was exonerated and had no crimes to be pardoned. So in 2019, when on D-DAY 75, Donald felt the need to say he was not a fan of the Vietnam War (nobody was) and then tried to portray himself as a conscientious objector, people like this jester who lived through the era remembered his cowardly 5 “bonespur deferments” as his draft dodging cowardice. Muhammad applied for conscientious objector status and was exonerated because the military never  applied any rule (there were three) for denying Muhammad (then known as Cassius Clay) Ali’s status. Nobody believed bonespurs prevented anyone from serving. They believed they were an imaginary malady used to dodge the draft. This is just one of a few reasons that Donald Trump hid his health records and raided his doctor’s office to illegally appropriate his health records forcibly. Just another cowardly  coverup to dodge reality.

So when Donald Trump attacks John McCain or Robert Mueller or any other service person it really sticks in older American’s craw that a coward would denigrate a veteran. For this jester, it was a HUGE anathema to have him a part of D-DAY 75 when he refused to serve when he had his chance. Then he made a major faux pas and criticized Robert Mueller (war hero) and the Speaker of the House from the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. There has been a long standing tradition to not criticize other Americans while a politician is overseas. It smacks of treason. Just like covering up the USS John McCain smacks of treason. Just like criticizing the former VP (Joe Biden) while in Japan smacks of treason. But he extolled Kim Jong-Un in the same breath as criticizing Joe Biden. That actually is treason. Millenials may not be aware, but we are still at war with North Korea. There was never a peace agreement between combatants. So by providing succor to Kim Jong-Un (enemy dictator of NK), Donald was actually committing treason … on Memorial Day???


A Coward and a treasonous traitor. So no Donald Trump has nothing in common with these other men because he is a coward and a traitor.  So, Trump is alone in box 4.


Box 3 (Clinton & Ali) were objectors. Muhammad was consistent, while Clinton wavered.


Box 1 & 2 were heroes! Albeit some got favorable treatment/stations by the military while others were serving honorably and earning medals in Vietnam. Some didn’t even believe in the war, but they served.


A coward should not even speak of, much less slander the men of boxes 1 & 2. A man in box 4 should not even speak of the men in box 3. A coward should also not populate the VA with a crony from Mar-A-Lago. A cowardly chickenhawk should not claim conscientious objector status when all he did was dodge the draft through morally repugnant means. A coward should not claim to spend more money on the military to “make up for his morally repugnant and cowardly behavior”. In fact it the House that allocates the funds for the military and oversees the expenditures. Trump merely diverts the money for SHAM emergencies (that never take away from his weekly golfing), from the military where it was needed to fight real war & cyber war. Why divert money from cyber war? Is that aiding & abetting the enemy too? You know between Memorial Day and D-Day are only a week or a week & a half. How could such a feeble-coward chickenhawk make so many mistakes in just that small amount of  time?


What’s your guess is he is unfit (mentally) and ready for Amendment25 or are his actions beyond repugnant and into criminally treasonous and worthy of Impeachment and/or jail? So Gen-X, Millenials, Gen-Z (some) now that you have the low-down, how will you vote in 2020?  I am hopeful it will NOT be for the coward!

June 1, 2019

The Death of Jan Paluch & The Case of House #104 — #Genealogy #Law

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon


First off, let me state that Jan Paluch (1828-1882) is dead. I went to and retrieved his death record (Akt 17 in 1882 Pacanow Deaths) and determined he died (23-February-1882) at age 54. Yet his death seems to be what triggered this court case.

I have 30 images to wade through in old Russian written using cursive Cyrillic characters and filled with legalese. A daunting task to be sure. Putting these loose images together into a coherent narrative is difficult … there’s some blurriness, some pages fold into crease, some Russian/Cyrillic words are hard to translate, the span of time, and some people whose role in the case is not defined or explained.


Jan Paluch (deceased)

Wojciech Elijasz (unexplained person)

Marcin Elijasz (plaintive, not explained)

Antoni & Agnieszka Janicki Wojtys (defendants)

Kasper & Aniela Paluch Pawlowski (plaintives)

Jozef Eliasz & Maryanna Paluch Elijasz (plaintives)

Walenty Paluch & Magdalena Major Paluch (plaintives)

Jozef Paluch, Andrzej Paluch (plaintives)

Walenty Grudzien (witness)

Franciszek Pytka (witness)

Jan Zwolski (witness)


Proceeding Forward…

Next: A Look at Dates & Signatures


June 1, 2019

Artur Pieszczochowicz’s Letter — #Polish #Genealogy

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Artur’s ancestor (great grandfather / pradziadek) was Bolesław Pieszczachowicz.

It is a welcome surprise when Stanczyk gains a reader/writer who is related to someone in my blog / family tree!


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