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  1. Columbus again… “COLUMBUS: The Untold Story” at Florida International University


  2. Manuel Rosa book is finally available in English… COLUMBUS-THE UNTOLD STORY

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    Columbus the Untold Story
    by Manuel Rosa (Goodreads Author)
    Darrell Kastin’s review Aug 05, 2016
    really liked it
    Read from July 03 to August 05, 2016

    Fantastic book. The author methodically checks off the lies, the misinformation, the forgeries, and focuses on the aspects of Colón’s life the historians have ignored or tried to explain away with ridiculous assertions. In particular, Rosa includes extensive family charts that show Colón’s family was very close to the man to whom he wrote in Portuguese, calling Colón, “our special friend,” King John II. It’s clear in reading biographies of Columbus that the writers have never understood who Kiing John II was, or his relationship to Colón, which makes it impossible to know who Colón truly was.

    I cannot wait for more information to come to light, whether it be written or DNA; more proof that the poor nobody from Genoa was not in fact the man we’ve come to call Columbus.

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