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20 July 2012 – C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Did you see the voice of the TEA Party GOP, Michelle Bachman (MN) ? Here is what that TEA Party kook said now  …

Now John Boehner raced to microphone to decry her comments BECAUSE …
(no it is not because the GOP stands for multiculturalism, guess again)

Because, John Boehner KNOWS that he and hundreds in Congress (even Senators and Governors) are beholden to Grover Norquist and his PALESTINIAN wife (a paid agent of Kuwait). They (Boehner et. al, see my list below) all PLEDGED to the NORQUISTS and therefore to PALESTINE/Hezbollah – to not raise revenue for the US Government in any manner. This pledge is meant to strangle spending on Defense and for Social Programs that will lift our economy out of recession!!! Here is the WIKIPEADIA article:

“In 2004, at age 48, he [Grover Norquist] married a Palestinian Muslim named Samah Alrayyes, a Kuwaiti PR specialist “

Bachman is wrong on her comments and so are the Grover Norquist PLEDGERS (see below). We must vote them ALL out this November. They are traitors to the US. Why would they want the US not to be able to fund the military? Why not spend on hiring Americans or on US Infrastructure to put Americans back to work? I think you can see what the NORQUISTS are up to … they are trying to weaken the US!

By the way, MS Bachman do you know who Grover Norquist and the GOP hangout with (which is why the GOP are RACING to criticize her — they do not want their Muslim Brotherhood backers outed):

” Suhail Khan, identified as chairman of the “Conservative Inclusion Coalition,” … His late Pakistani father ran a controversial Islamic center in Santa Clara, California and was an official of two U.S. affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood. “

[WTF, Grover Norquist and the GOP hang out with a REAL Pakastani, Muslim Brotherhood affiliate]

Here is the list of TEA Party Pledge Traitors (Tweet at them). Tell them to STOP interferring with government economic plans and raise revenues for our military men & women and for the programs that spur development of the economy and safeguard Medicare/Social Security.

Here’s the list of NORQUIST PLEDGERS (remmember to vote them out in November):

Let’s start with (MN): John Kline: @repjohnkline , Erik Paulsen: @reperikpaulsen , Michele Bachmann: @michelebachmann, Chip Cravaack: @repchipcravaack

OH: John Boehner @SpeakerBoehner, Steve Chabot: @repstevechabot, Michael Turner: @repmiketuner, Jim Jordan: @jim_jordan, Bob Latta: @boblatta,
Bill Johnson: @repbilljohnson, Steve Austria: @steveaustria, Steve LaTourette: @stevelatourette, Steve Stivers: @repstevestivers, Jim Renacci: @repjimrenacci
Bob Gibbs: @repbobgibbs, Rob Portman-OH: @robportman

PA:  @JimGerlach, @SenToomey, @PatMeehanPA,@RepFitzpatrick, @RepBillShuster, @RepJoePitts , @MikeKelly, @GovernorCorbett ,

MI: Dan Benishek: @congressmandan , Bill Huizenga: @rephuizenga, Justin Amash: @repjustinamash, Dave Camp: @repdavecamp ,
Fred Upton: @repfredupton, Tim Walberg: @repwalberg, Candice Miller: @candicemiller, Thaddeus McCotter: @thadmccotter

NH:  Frank Guinta: @repfrankguinta , Charlie Bass: @repcharlesbass

VA:  Morgan Griffith: @repmgriffith, Eric Cantor: @gopleader, Bob Goodlatte: @repgoodlatte, Robert Hurt: @reproberthurt

FL:  Jeff Miller: @CongJeffMiller, Steve Southerland: @Rep_Southerland, Ander Crenshaw: @AnderCrenshaw, Richard Nugent: @RepRichNugent ,
Daniel Webster: @RepWebster, Cliff Stearns: @RepCliffStearns, Gus Bilirakis: @RepGusBilirakis, Dennis Ross: @RepDennisRoss ,
Vern Buchanan: @VernBuchanan, Connie Mack: @ConnieMackIV, Bill Posey: @congbillposey, Thomas J. Rooney: @tomrooney ,
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: @roslehtinen, Allen West: @allenwest, Mario Diaz-Balart: @mariodb, David Rivera: @reprivera, Sandy Adams: @repsandyadams

WI: Paul Ryan: @reppaulryan, Sean Duffy: @repseanduffy, Reid Ribble: @repribble

IL: Peter Roskam: @PeterRoskam, Joe Walsh: @RepJoeWalsh, Robert J. Dold: @RepDold, Adam Kinzinger: @RepKinzinger, Judy Biggert: @JudyBiggert,
Randy Hultgren: @RepHultgren, Don Manzullo: @donmanzullo, Timothy Johnson: @reptimjohnson, Bobby Schilling: @RepSchilling, Aaron Schock: @repaaronschock,
John Shimkus: @RepShimkus

CO: Scott R. Tipton: @RepTipton, Cory Garner: @repcorygardner, Mike Coffman: @RepMikeCoffman

NV: Joe Heck: @repjoeheck,   Dean Heller NV: @DeanHeller

19 July 2012 – C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon


The reason why Norquist Pledgers need to be voted out is because they keep the government from raising the necessary funds to support the Military and to allow spending necessary to create jobs. According to Keynesian Economic Theory in Recessions/Depressions the only place that businesses can gain money/liquidity is from the Federal Government. Ergo, in those dire times (i.e. right now) the Federal Government MUST spend more money then it takes in as revenue in order to keep jobs and to create jobs even if those jobs must be in the Federal Government.

The people listed below are pledged to a man from NH who is not elected. So the first thing wrong is that our elected politicians are committing themselves to do the bidding of a person from outside their elected jurisdiction which may be illegal;  But it is surely not PATRIOTIC nor moral.

The man in NH these people (see below) are pledged to, has pledged himself to a PALESTINIAN woman who is/has been a paid agent of KUWAIT (a foreign government in the Middleast run by Muslim Emirs). SO  now we have our elected Representatives and Senators to our FEDERAL government pledged to a man they did not elect who is pledged to a PALESTINIAN wife who is or has been employed by KUWAIT to do PR for KUWAIT.

Now do you see the problem. They do not raise enough revenue to support our military or to help government create jobs. They refuse to raise the government’s debt level until OUR credit rating was ruined and now we all have to pay more for money that our banks are only willing to lend to a very few people. Without the Federal Government raising revenues for the Military and to create jobs, SEQUESTRATION will cut their budgets a further 10% by the end of 2012! This will further weaken the US to its enemies (both foreign and domestic) and further damage our credit rating costing us US taxpayers even more money to pay down the debt today and in the next 4-7 yearss until our credit rating is restored.

The ONLY solution is to vote out the NORQUIST PLEDGERS. Here they are state-by-state from the NORQUIST WEBSITE. See for yourself.

Did you know  these men/women in OHIO (OH)  are NORQUIST pledgers …

OH (tweet to them and let them know what you want):

OH-Sen Rob Portman (R) –  @RobPortman (twitter)
OH-01 Steve Chabot (R) – @repSteveChabot
OH-02 Jean Schmidt (R)
OH-03 Mike Turner (R) – @repMikeTurner
OH-04 Jim Jordan (R) – @Jim_Jordan
OH-05 Bob Latta (R) – @BobLatta
OH-06 Bill Johnson (R) – @repBillJohnson
OH-07 Steve Austria (R) – @SteveAustria
OH-08 John Boehner (R) – @SpeakerBoehner
OH-12 Pat Tiberi (R)
OH-14 Steve LaTourette (R) – @StevelaTourette
OH-15 Steve Stivers (R) – @repSteveStivers
OH-16 James Renacci (R) – @repJimRenacci
OH-18 Bob Gibbs (R) – @repBobGibbs

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  1. I didn’t know about any of this.
    thanks for the information


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