23-September-2013 – 1764 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth map

This map is the companion map to the blog article of:

Map of Poland 1764 – Polish Coat of Arms By Province 

that was also written on 23-September-2013.

The actual herby (coat of arms) are shown on the website:   on the page: where there is one for each province in the Commonwealth or its fiefdoms.

Some provinces, like Kurlandia, Moldavia, or Moskwa were only a part of the Commonwealth for a short period time.

The Duchy of Prussia is also shown.




07-May-2013 – 1910 Russian Poland Partition road map

1910 _RoadMap_RussianPoland_Map24 1910 _RoadMap_RussianPoland

These two maps are not in Cyrillic even though they are for the Russian Poland partition. The map also has French words, so it was probably printed in France and used Latin alphabet for cities, towns, and villages on the maps.

The map with the grid is an index map. The other map (#24) is the area around Pacanow.






Powiat Stopnica / Gubernia Kieleckie

Today’s map is from a project I did with the PGSA to index the villages and note the parishes. This is for the area of the STOPNICA powiat.

This map is from a gazetteer:

The Illustrated Geographic Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland
(Atlas Geograficzny Illustrowany Królestwa Polskiego)

The Atlas/Gazetteer was published in 1907 in Warsaw, Poland.

To see the index from PGSA click here .




1820 Russian/Polish Map of Kingdom of Poland (aka Congress Poland)

This Russian-Poland map is my first map. I found it in a Digital Library in Poland. Its publication date was 1820 so it is a public domain map.

It has a nice feature that the cities and map text are in both Russian and Polish. This is a nice way to get used to seeing Russian (and Cyrillic) and having an equivalent Polish Translation of the Russian into Polish (or vice versa). Perhaps the hardest thing in reading Russian language church records for Poland is how do I translate the proper nouns? How do I evolve my transliteration of Russian sounds into Polish letters and a final translation. This map can be a beginning of your learning by being a kind of Rosetta Stone.

As I said it is from 1820. This means it is post Napoleon and his wars and is also after the Vienna Congress that reset borders after all of the carnage of the Napoleonic Wars.

The upper right shows the names of original 8 Wojewodztwo / Gubernya in the Polish Kingdom (fiefdom to Czarist Russian Empire). Notice that some former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Wojewodztwo just became Gubernya and directly a part of the Russian Empire, even though they were a part of the “Polish Kingdom & Lithuanian Duchy” prior to the three partitions and the subsequent Napoleonic Wars that altered these partitions.

Click on the map to see a full image.

— Stanczyk

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