The The British Royal Succession — #Royalty #Genealogy

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Monarch Wait Time, Reign Time by Century

The British Royal Succession — #Royalty #Genealogy

Duke/Duchess Cambridge had a 2nd child this morning, an 8 lb. baby daughter. No name yet. 

The blessed queen now has quite a large retinue of heirs (roughly two dozen). Click on the link above for the Royal Succession chart (source USA Today).

🃏 — Stanczyk is hoping for: “Aleksandra Diana  Wiktoria” for the spare heir’s name.

Let’s the sports bettors collect their date winnings whilst the bets on names hangs in the balance for a few more days!


2 Comments to “The The British Royal Succession — #Royalty #Genealogy”

  1. Stanczyk:

    This is a great new twist in a timeline graph presentation. I’d love to see the Pharaohs of Egypt done this way.


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  2. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is the new #RoyalBaby ‘s name. 4th in line to the throne.

    Let’s see: Paternal grandfather (feminine form), Paternal great-grandmother (the Queen) and the beloved paternal grandmother. Ok its not, Aleksandra Diana Wiktoria Karoline (thru the last one in for the maternal grandmother), but that leaves some names for Baby#3.


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