1890 Kielce Gubernia Commemorative Book — #Genealogy, #Polish

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

1867-1915 - Gubernia_Kielce,  Stopnica PowiatOn Easter Sunday, Stanczyk wrote about Logan Kleinwak / Genealogy Indexer. In the article, I used as an example of the database searches (sources) that genealogy indexer searches through as the: 1890 Kielce Gubernia Commemorative Book (Памятная книжка Келецкой губернии). That was a bit foreshadowing of today’s blog.   This blog is dominated by Genealogy, by Polish Genealogy, by Russian-Poland partition Genealogy, in particular the Kielce Gubernia (Wojewodztwo). Most of the time I write about topics that centers upon post-Napoleonic era (1815-ish to about 1918) which overlaps the era of the three partitions and the era of the Great Migration to the USA. One of the reasons for such a focus to connect with distant cousins on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. So today’s topic is to further understand the administrative structures of my ancestral villages in 1890 Kielce Gubernia. Where the red square is on today’s map-graphic is the geographic area we are speaking of. It is important to understand the administrative structures to trace your genealogy. So today we will be examining the hierarchy described by their Russian names as: Gubernia composed of Uyezds or Powiats which were composed of Gminas  (aka Wojewodztwo->Powiats->Gminas). There is also a religious hierarchy: Diocese-Deaconate-Parish. These hierarchies change over time as borders are drawn and redrawn. So Stanczyk pulled images of some these administrative structures and other data to put this research in a context of 1890 (roku) from the above title book which is written in Russian/Cyrillic. I am hopeful that seeing the Cyrillic from the book along with the English translation will aid other genealogists in their searches and research. There are a number of images and descriptions so this will be a long read if you are “up for it”.

 Title Page

MemoryBook_KielceGubernia_1890 The top two words (памятная  книжка) means “Commemorative  Book”  and the two words (келецкой губерныи) below the Heraldic Symbol  means “Kielce Gubernia”. The bottom line:

на 1890  г.

means for 1890 (yr. = year / r .= roku). In Russian Poland a number for a year is followed by ” г.”,  as in Poland where the year is followed by “r.” is to indicate that the number is a year. It provides a context for the number. The word for “year” is almost always abbreviated. The next image is a section break that indicates we are dealing with the Stopnica Uyezd of the Kielce Gubernia.


Stopnica Uyezd

Uyezd_Stopnica_page403 I will not bother with a complete translation but here is a rough translation:  Population 124,657 people

City – 1 ;

Gminas (gminy) – 24 [of which Stopnica was the 6th in the book]

Settlements – 8

Villages – 351;

Parishes – 33;

Farmsteads – 15,285;

Post Offices – 4


Stopnica Deaconate/Parishes:

Stopnica Deaconate - Parishes:

Stopnica Deaconate page 2

The list of parishes along with the name of  the head of the parish.


All parishes can be found in the “Marco Polo Polish Road Atlas” on page 196.

 Beszowa — Wicenty Nowakowski  Ostrowce — Hypolit Borewicz
 Biechów — Michal Krolikowski  Pacanów — Lawrenty (Wawrzyniec) Nowakowski
 Busko — Marcel Kozlowski  Piasek Wielka — Antoni Jacinski
 Gnojno — Wicenty Zdiebiowski  Pierzchnica — Antoni Gruszynski
 Dobrowoda — Emil Bernaczki  Piotrkowice — Mikolaj Szymkiewicz
 Drugnia — Piotr Kozakowski  Potok — Teofil Dybowski
 Zborówek — Walerian Bieneczki  Sędziejowice — Teofil Giergelewski
 Kargów — Piotr Gedrojicz  Solec — Jozef Dudkiewicz
 Koniemłoty — Andrzej Kozlowski  Szcaworyż — Franciszek Urieniczki
 Kotuszów — Marcel Gonsiorowski  Szaniec — Teofil Grabowski
 Kurozwęki — Jakob Senniczki  Stopnica — Teofil Piotrkiewicz
 Ksiąznice — Walerian Bieneczki  Szydłów — Ignacy Zakarski
 Lisów (Zborówek) — Ludwik Podolski  Świniary — Jan Szpakiewicz
 Nowy Korczyn — Franz Chudzinski  Tuczępy — Jan Szwaricz
 Oleśnica — Lawrenty (Wawrzyniec) Goniewicz  Chmielnik — Franciszek Ziekowicz
    Janin — Antoni Kaminski


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