#Genealogy #Polish – Haller’s Army in Newspapers.com

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Stanczyk has been exploring Newspapers.com. I am a bit disappointed at its overall effectiveness, which I attribute to poor OCR capabilities and a difficult user interface that provides a disappointing user experience (UX).

However, it is not without its redeeming qualities. For example Newspaper.com has a Clipping capability which produces a PDF document that you can share in social network web sites or even make public in Newspapers.com to attract others doing similar research. So today’s blog article is about that clipping capability.

The above is from Stanczyk’s twitter post and you need to follow the link to see the PDF clipping on Newspapers.com.

Please do me a favor and click the link and let me know whether you see the clipping and can download it. Please email me back your results. Thanks!

Twitter Post(s)


Stanczyk, thanks Buz Kuzan  for working with me to get the “Clippings” to be accessible. The links should work no matter who you are. Check out the “Comments on this article” for a couple more clippings!


7 Comments to “#Genealogy #Polish – Haller’s Army in Newspapers.com”

  1. No-it says page no longer exists



    • Thanks Buz … this is a work in progress. I will investigate further.


    • Buz, I do believe you get that message. But I assure you the file is there. Are you using a mobile device … that gives my iphone an err like, “too many links to follow”. When I use a laptop I see the file.

      Ok Buz, thank you for your help. It turns out there was a setting to make the “Clipping” Public. I have since done that and tested it with my wife’s laptop and it now works. Thanks Again for your persistence and assisting me in getting this working!


      • Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this as I should. I have been under the weather and am getting ready for a hip replacement-I’m 57 that isn’t supposed to happen for another 20 years at least. But I’ll look forward to the clippings now. I also have to ask about the blog posts you did on Swiniary 2011 I think. You wrote about a Mrs. Kuc I believe and mentioned seeing a Kuzon which is actually how my name should be spelled and my grandfather was from Swiniary and grandmother from Podwale and I had an aunt and 2 uncles born there. I’ll write an email again maybe tomorrow longer with a few questions I have if you have the time to answer. Thanks Buz Kuzan By the Way-GREAT site you have here. I was very fortunate to stumble (I don’t drink) on it and read it whenever I get the chance. Buz


      • thanks Buz — looking forward to your emails


  2. I have from one reader a comment that he could not reach the document (“No longer available”) which I know is incorrect. Let me remind others that the link at the bottom will take you to my Tweets from which you can find the post/link and see the actual clipping!



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