Rochester, Monroe County, NY & LESZCZYNSKI — #Genealogy, #Polish, #NY

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

JanLeszczynskiFamilyStanczyk has been busy with his research in  . One of my surprising finds was that my grandmother’s eldest [half]-brother Jan lived in Rochester ( in Monroe County, NY ). I recently found Jan Leszczynski in the AP Kielce archive data on GenBaza – his marriage and a few children (with Antonina Sieradzka). Jan came from his son Feliks in Falecin, Stopnica parish, Kielce Gubernia, Poland and went to his son Jan P. Leszczynski in Rochester, NY. Also, Jan (the elder) had another son, Wladyslaw who also came to Rochester, NY.

So I am looking for genealogists tracing or related to this family of Leszczynski in Rochester, NY. Here are a few addresses:

302 Weaver Rd.

304 Weaver Rd.

13 Ernst Rd.

357 Wilkins Street

All are in Rochester, NY. All had Leszczynski related to me living at the above addresses. If you are related to them, then we are related. Please contact me (click on Stanczyk pic to email me) and we can trade info/pictures. It also appears that Jan (the elder) also had a brother Frank Leszczynski that lived briefly in Rochester. This Frank Leszczynski also lived in: Depew, Buffalo, Tonawanda too [All in Erie County, NY]. Both Jan and Frank are sons of my great-grandfather Tomasz Leszczynski.

I have attached a local map below of Rochester, Monroe County, New York of a small section of town known as the Polish Section which had two Catholic churches very near to my Leszczynski families. It is possible and likely that my ancestors would have been parishioners at one of these churches.

There was a Catholic church, St. Stanislaus on St. Stanislaus Street and a Polish National Catholic Church at 40 Ernst Street. Both of these would have been very near to the Leszczynski families I am searching for.

Rochester Polish Section Map



One Comment to “Rochester, Monroe County, NY & LESZCZYNSKI — #Genealogy, #Polish, #NY”

  1. Hello. If you have any ancestry research to do in Rochester, there are two excellent organizations, The Rochester Genealogical Society and the Rochester Public Library of the Monroe County Library System.
    The library has digitized all of the city directories from 1827 to 1940 and they are available here:

    Also, the plat maps:

    I discovered a Lesczinski in one of the indexes: Lesczinski, John, Mrs.Mrs. John Lesczinski, Ward Leader’s Mother, 1/25/1969 page 51 of the Democrat & Chronicle, also found in the scrapbook Vol. 18 Le -Women’s fr920. Ll 7 R676p

    The most popular book about Polish Americans in Rochester is:
    Shoulder to shoulder : Polish Americans in Rochester, New York, 1890-2000by Urbanic, Kathleen

    The Polish National Catholic Cemetery records are available online via
    and here is the official website of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
    Hope this helps!


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