Cause of Death … Extreme Blunt trauma to head & torso. — #Tsarnaev, #CauseOfDeath

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

So indeed Dzhokhar running over his brother’s head and torso was as responsible for death as the bullet wounds. Who am I to second guess the ME (medical examiner)?

Still it sticks in my craw that he said both.

I guess we will have to abide by this wishy-washy pronouncement.


4 Responses to “Cause of Death … Extreme Blunt trauma to head & torso. — #Tsarnaev, #CauseOfDeath”

  1. You’re right, that is the law and as much as we dislike the call, it is what it is. Reminded me of something Tim Russert said in his book Big Russ and Me. Some things aren’t fair, and the call goes against you, but if you want some semblance of order and your society to survive, you have to accept certain things.


    • Michael you are right. It is part of being a democracy and a nation of laws. You are clearly more measured than I am.

      Sometimes you wonder if these wishy-washy calls are all about being lawsuit-proof. Obviously, no matter how the suspect died, the medical examiner’s (ME) judgment is unimpeachable. You won’t be able to assail the ME’s call.

      I cannot assail it and neither can those despicable parents in Dagestan who call for an “independent autopsy”. Why not pay for it yourself if you want it? Once again, the enobled uncle(s) have to do right by the deceased.

      I admire Alvi (and/or) Ruslan. Even though estranged from the deceased (and indeed the whole Anzor Tsarnaev family) they do their religion proud and provide dignity for the deceased nephew. May God bless these two gentlemen who have to do delicate work and walk a fine line for their own families’ sake. One or both uncles helped the sisters take possession of the deceased and prepare the body for its final purpose.

      The surviving suspect must now acknowledge his level of culpability in his brother’s demise. Strange justice. Killed by the vehicle that was stolen from its owner, becomes the instrument of death in the matter of one of these suspects. Quentin-Tarantino-esque in its avenging aspect.



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