RootsTech 2013 — #Genealogy, #Conference, #Technology, #Apps

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon is a genealogy conference that combines two of my passions: Genealogy (Roots) and Technology (Tech). Stanczyk went to last year’s conference and was impressed!

It is a Family Search International conference and is based in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Convention Center, not far from the Family History Library. It is a 3-day conference with a wide variety of topics covered. The dates for 2013 are: 21-March-2013  –  23-March-2013 (THU, FRI, SAT).


This jester thinks that last year was a better year, judging by the sessions that are planned for 2013 as compared to what sessions were done in 2012. However, the 2013 exhibitors seems to shaping up to be much better (they say 40% more).

The smartphone Apps were released:  25-Feb-2013.  So for those mobile genealogists, gear up by clicking on the following links:

Its a universal app (meaning it works on both iPhone and iPad).

The conference hall is wonderful and the people putting on the conference have conferences down pat. The logistics of this genealogy conference are well thought out.


3 Comments to “RootsTech 2013 — #Genealogy, #Conference, #Technology, #Apps”

  1. Reblogged this on rvgslib and commented:
    Great event for tech-oriented genealogists!


    • Going to you can watch each of the presentations in the 3 day schedule by selecting it. I could not figure out a way to download the videos, however there is a Downloads area, in the left-hand pane all the way at the bottom, under FAQs. This includes whatever handouts there were. Check it out! We are trying to get our FamilySearch Center staff to take time to watch these. Lots of interesting information 😀
      “They” say these will be up for about 3 months, but don’t wait


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