1940 Census Preparations – Pays 1st Dividend

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon


Found his grand-uncle Michael Leszczynski (deputy sheriff) at 5071 Broadyway, Depew, Erie County, NY in the 1940 US Census. He was in ED 15-37, on SHT 6-A (line 4 was Michael and his wife Felicia was on line 5). Click on the link if you have access to Ancestry.com.

Kudos to Ancestry.com for getting their 1940 US Census working in short order. Their Image Viewer is excellent, very fast.


One Comment to “1940 Census Preparations – Pays 1st Dividend”

  1. Also in the same ED was my other grand-uncle Teofil (Michael’s brother) Leszczynski around the corner at a surprising address — not at all where he SHOULD have been.

    This morning, Philadelphia showed up in Ancestry.com (overnight) and I found my wife’s grandparents!

    Some surprises already in just three finds.


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