App 3.1 Released Today (7 March) — #Genealogy, #Technology, #Mobile

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

The iTunes App Store told me I had a new update today — it was Ancestry App version 3.1. So Stanczyk updated his iPhone.

You can get the app (if you still do not have it) from iTunes App Store . It was a nice release. Of course, you will have to download your tree and that will take some time/bandwidth (my did not take too much time, but I only have 1,021 individuals in my family tree).

Before Relationship Calculated

Direct Relationship Path

Afterwards, Info Screen Display

Like the web site, the app can now compute the  relationship between yourself and another individual in your family tree. You also get an intermediate screen that shows you the most direct path between the two of you. Finally, afterwards the Info screen keeps the relationship displayed [see three images from left-to-right] .

So the Relationship Calculator is a fun new feature, but  it really adds nothing new to your research, per sé.

I do not remember any in app purchases in prior versions. So that perhaps is a new feature that most will not see as an enhancement. Reading the comments, it was said that the in app purchases, can be done for free on the website. So perhaps, you may want to do updates on the website and just let the synch happen with the app to avoid any in app purchases.

What’s New [in v3.1]?

• Push Notifications – get updates when finds new discoveries & historical records for your ancestors.
• List of People with Hints – allows you to quickly find new information about people in your family tree.
• Relationship Calculator – makes it easy to see exactly how you are related to anyone in your tree.
• Additional Details added to Photos – so you can easily preserve valuable information.
• Tree Privacy Settings – easily change privacy settings for each of your trees.
• Integrated User Feedback and Support – talk to us directly if you need help or would like to provide feedback.
• Miscellaneous Refinements – the app is now faster and more stable than before.


One Comment to “ App 3.1 Released Today (7 March) — #Genealogy, #Technology, #Mobile”

  1. The very next day, Ancestry put out version 3.1.1 to fix a bug. C’est la vie!


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