1940 US Census – Blank Forms — #Genealogy, #US, #Census

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Legacy Family Tree has release blank US Census Forms (page1 | page2) for the 1940 US Census. April 2nd is coming, are you prepared? Is Ancestry.com prepared?

At #RootsTech 2012, the 3rd keynote was an Ancestry talking-head panel. They joked about whether the website could withstand the crush on April 2nd. Let’s see how this experiment goes.

This is the first US Census to be released in an all digital format.



4 Responses to “1940 US Census – Blank Forms — #Genealogy, #US, #Census”

  1. Can’t print to be able to read some of form. Appears what ever I do won’t print larger.


    • Jim,
      Thanks for writing the blog. First off, I do not have control over the image — it is from legacy family tree.

      I did successfully print the two images out — using my browser (Chrome). I decided to print the image in LANDSCAPE mode (sideways), so that it would be larger. In LANDSCAPE mode, I am just able to read the text in the blocks without a magnifying glass. I have done this and know it is possible.

      You are correct that it is small. I think they designed it to fit on a single page and in landscape orientation.

      I hope you clicked on the links (page1 | page2) and not my little image in the blog article.

      Thanks for writing!




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