2012 1st Quarter – Genealogy Website Rankings — #Genealogy, #Rankings, #Website

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Welcome to Stanczyk’s  2012 First Quarter Genealogy Website Rankings. I know I am a week early — c’est la vie! Since my last rankings an array of rank postings [uh, pun partly intended] have appeared. Stanczyk has also received exactly one request for inclusion in his rankings, from .. Tamura Jones about his website: www.tamurajones.net [#58 on the new Rankings]. He also has a worthy Twitter page too. Keep sending in recommendations — I will keep thinking about them or including them if they are worthy. I liked Tamura’s stuff so MUCH, that I added his genealogy page to my blogroll [Modern Software Experience at the right].

I really liked the survey from the Canadian website: Genealogy In Time. I added their magazine/website (#13)  as well to my rankings.  I found them because they produced an excellent Genealogy Website Ranking (mid January 2012), that included a very thorough discussion of their methodology. They neglected a few Polish Websites that SHOULD have made their list. Also they list Ancestry.com in all of its many global incarnations and this eats up an unnecessary number of the top 125 poll slots.   But aside from those minor criticisms, their rankings is very GLOBAL and very good. Who knew there was a Chinese (make sense, considering their billion plus citizens and their excellent genealogical records) genealogy website or a Finnish website too in the top 125???

OK, Stanczyk will keep his Rankings  list, because of the emphasis on Polish / Slavic genealogical websites. Stanczyk also has many in the range 100-125 that are very useful though not popular enough to be the Genealogy in Time Rankings. However, the Genealogy-In-Time-Poll, makes a very useful tool in another way. They have graciously included the website links (URLs) of each site, making it rather easy to build a genealogical Favorites/Bookmarks list that is broadly useful. Stanczyk admits to his list being somewhat selective in the lower 1/3 in order to be more valuable to Polish Researchers (in particular to English speaking, though not exclusively so). On a personal note, this blog you are reading is in the top 5.8Million (of all websites world-wide) and is #120 on my Website rankings — come on readers give me a boost, please!

Needless to say, all website rankings I read, agree on the top 20-40 websites (putting aside the multiple listing of Ancestry.com).

Here is a snippet of the Rankings and the rest are on the Rankings Page:


2 Comments to “2012 1st Quarter – Genealogy Website Rankings — #Genealogy, #Rankings, #Website”

  1. Hello Stanczyk,

    I don’t want to get you in trouble here, but since you readily give your opinion on many subjects and I Thank You for that—-
    What are the Top 3 Websites, after Ancestry.com that you would recommend are worth their Subscription/Membership Fees?

    It might also be worth a brief noting the wide variety of websites that continually pop up for “Vital Stat” records. I’m hesitant to sign up for several of them, just so I can give them a try. I don’t want my credit card info out on the web any more than is absolutely necessary!
    Any advice on this topic?

    As Always-Thanks for the info,


    • MaryAnne,
      Good questions. It is hard to answer because every genealogist has different needs. I have and currently am a subscriber to Ancestry.com.

      I once was a subscriber to Fold3 (when it was named Footnote.org) and it was valuable — but now they got rid of the best parts (city directories and newspapers). They still have naturalization stuff that is not in Ancestry.com so it may be worth it to you (or if you have ancestors who were here prior to 1900 and were in the military: Spanish American, Civil War, War of 1812, Revolutionary War, etc.).

      I did subscribe to one of the newspaper services (GenealogyBank I think). It was useful when I was helping people with long ancestries inside the USA and could use their historic newspapers.

      I have never subscribed to GENEALOGY.COM but I think their offering may be helpful too.

      I did subscribe to World Vital Records once and I regretted the waste of my money. Much of their info was public domain stuff that you could find through Google. That left such a bad taste I have not been back since. They would need to give me a FREE subscription equal to the one I had before so I could check them out again before I would change my opinion and if they still are doing what they did before I would still tell you not to use them.

      Other subscriptions may be of use, but they are so specific to a single type of research, that I have not had the need to use them and cannot render an opinion one way or the other. There are some subscription databases that only libraries can get that I wish were offered “cheaply” to individuals.

      I STRONGLY urge people to visit their local Family History Center (Stanczyk is NOT LDS) and rent their microfilm (which can be done online now). That can be very good value and fairly convenient too for most areas.



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