Ancestry – Cuyahoga County, OH Marriage Indexes

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

The above link is to:
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Marriage Records and Indexes, 1810-1973

This database in has been recently updated to over 1.8 Million records and I had many ancestros (and potential ancestors) listed amongst the married couples. It is worth a look for Polish people or people with roots in Ohio and specifically Cleveland or Cuyahoga County OH.


2 Comments to “Ancestry – Cuyahoga County, OH Marriage Indexes”

  1. Hello Stanczyk,
    Thanks for posting that there have been additions to the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Marriage records! I went through them last year and found several of my family records in the early files and many of my 1st cousins in the later files. My grandfather Jan F. Duplaga and one of his brother’s, Walter settled in West Park which later became part of Cleveland. They had a sister named Anna who married a Peter Len and settled in Illinois, and they had another brother, Albert who settled in New Hampshire after initially living in Ohio. My Duplaga’s originated in Brzozow, (Southwestern-Pl)
    I noticed on your list that you have a Louis Rutkowski! I am very familiar with a Catholic Priest named Fr. Joseph C. Rutkowski, who served as Pastor of St. Hedwig’s Church in Lakewood, Ohio and was also a family friend of my grandparents. Perhaps he is a brother or son to your Louis? Unfortunately, this little Polish Parish has been closed -with the downsizing by the Archdiocess.
    I enjoy your site very much and your Portrait always brings a smile-thanks for providing interesting info.


    • Hello MaryAnne,
      Happy New Year 2012!

      I was surprised at the number of new pieces I found. Some I ad seen before (perhaps elsewhere), but many new ones.

      As for Rutkowski et. al. , those are not related to me (as far as I know). They just happened to be on the same marriage returns page as my ancestors. Long ago, I started trying to do “a little extra” whenever I do my own as a kind of Random Act of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK). I have been surprised when others have written and thanked me for my efforts.



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