A Little Bit of Blog Bigos … #Genealogy, #History, #Birds, #Books

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Bigos – A stew, hunter’s stew rich with meats, mushrooms, sauerkraut and dried fruits.

So today my blog bigos is made up of a slew of blurbs …

From  The News.PL, a couple of days ago, they wrote about historians that uncovered a previously unknown memoir by one of the victims of a notorious WW II Nazi operation against Polish intelligentsia (called Sonderaktion Krakau of November 1939).

One of the principals, Zygmunt Starachowicz, kept a memoir of the experience with:

  • Interesting Profiles of the detainees
  • How he was a law graduate signing documents at Jagiellonian University when he was arrested with 182 academics
  • How 20 of the 183 people died in captivity
  • A memoir penned in 1941, that lay in unopened envelope for 70 years

Sadly, Zygmunt died in 1944 after being arrested by the Nazis in July 1944 [probably as a result of his activities as a member of the underground, leading clandestine lectures in law and history, and forging documents for the official “Home Army” (AK)].

In November we saw the Social Security DMF being “corrected” to remove millions of records, required by law. Also, it has become known that ordering the Social Security Applications of your ancestors is now less valuable as the parents of the applicant are now being redacted (“blacked out”) for privacy rules. The rules are too complex. They should just use the Census rules of 72 years after creation, so you can predict when the redaction will end. Otherwise, it is just a complete waste of money to order the application. See The GenealogyBlog article by Leland Meitzler.

With the beginning of the month comes the Gen Dobry! electronic newsletter from Fred Hoffman. In the Vol. XII, No. 11 – 30 November 2011, issue was a listing of a website/database at http://www.genteam.at/ . It requires a cumbersome registration process to gain access to a database of 5Million people and a Gazetteer. It looks promising, as yet I have not been “processed” and have no access.

Jozef Stalin’s daughter Svetlana, died in November (actual date uncertain). She was last known by Lana Peters and living in WI at the ripe old age of 85. The New York Times article should be read. She was named Svetlana Stalina, the only daughter and last surviving child of the brutal Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. The LA Times Obituary is also an excellent read.

For my bibliophiles and/or John James Audubon/bird brains, the University of Pitt has digitized the book, Birds of America . The interface is not perfect, but the work and digitization effort is extraordinary!

That is Stanczyk’s Blog Bigos / Hunters stew, ended appropriately enough on wild birds.

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