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November 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary Moje Zona … #Raw, #Genealogy

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Genealogy Happens!

You cannot stop it. You’re born, you’re married, you die — it is inexorable.  Blessedly, I am celebrating the second one today. My wife (zona) was foolish enough to say yes to my marriage proposal and then wed me eight years ago .. today!

In our marriage ceremony, Tereza & I wrote these words which we spoke at our marriage (The Seven Blessings):

  1. Blessed are you God who brings forth fruit from the vine. May the husband and the wife be fruitful together in their branch of Your vine.
  2. Blessed are you God who shapes the universe. All things created speak of Your glory. We are happy to be a part of Your creation.
  3. Blessed are you Holy One who creates each person. Blessed too is when You make two become one.
  4. Blessed are you God who made us in Your image, after Your likeness,  and You prepared for us a perpetual relationship. Your blessings are boundless.
  5. Blessed are You God, who causes Zion to rejoice when her children are united in her midst, full of joy.
  6. Blessed are you, our God for the bliss You bestowed upon the first man and woman. And blessed are you God who now bestows wedded bliss upon this bride and groom.
  7. Blessed are you God for you brought together these lovers to rejoice in each other. Your gift of love is precious.

Those words still have the same power today for me, as they did eight years ago. I love you Tereza!

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