First Impressions of iOS-5

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

I am hoping for quick improvement. If you read nothing else then you have the gist of it.

Here is the situation for iPhone4 owners thinking about upgrading to iOS-5:

  • Nice Twitter Integration
  • Where’s the Locked iPhone Photo Taking Ability?
  • Issues with chargers
  • Issues with network connections (Verizon) to Email Provider slow / inconsistent (Is this a BlackBerry)
  • LONG download of 768MB (about 3.5+ hours). Perhaps it will be less in a few days after all early adopters have had their chance at downloads.
  • Camera APP loses zoom feature that was there in iOS-4 ??? If you had the 8MP new camera in iPhone5 perhaps it would not be so awful
  • The notifications on the locked screen are more configurable and therefore better
  • More features and Apps to learn (is that a plus or a negative or neither?)
  • new Music App found my lost purchased iPhone songs that was HUGE plus
  • It took a LONG time to copy all of my existing photos (1800+)
  • It did NOT lose my emails, books, songs, but I was uncertain for a while – unnecessary fear
  • My contacts came over OK, even ones I had done recently.
  • Better contact synching overall
  • Slight re-arrangement of my Apps (due to the new Apps from Apple)
  • I thought UPDATE had failed (due to odd error message)
  • You must be there at the iTunes App and with iPhone to handle initial configs and ok licenses. This is a hardship when it takes 3.5+ hours to download and more time to update the iOS. Do not walk away.
  • I do not KNOW what would happen if you lost connection during the 3.5+ hours of download or during the time updating the iOS and configuration. You may need to do a restore or possibly re-start download ???

I am NOT updating my wife’s iPhone because she is less willing to be an early adopter and fight through the issues. I would NOT hurry to update if you have iPhone4. There is not enough value and too many issues, plus you lose zoom on camera APP.

The Email issue reminds me of the BlackBerry woes. My email still comes/goes, but it is slow and the connection tom Email provider is inconsistent. Sometimes, the first two lines do not fully appear on all messages. What gives? This all worked perfectly in iPhone4. The EMAIL app issues is what gets me to recommend that you DO NOT UPGRADE yet on iPhone4. Also if you need zoom on the Camera APP then do NOT upgrade. The niceties are too little to be worth the issues.

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