Smithsonian Institution Libraries – Books, Images Online

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Brown Tree Duck

Being a jester brings with it a lot of name calling and chief among them is “bird-brain” — which Stanczyk has taken to heart.

A Number of times, I have written about the Smithsonian Libraries & Museums or the Library of Congress. These treasures of America should be enjoyed  and are provided for the diffusion of information. Every American should make a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. and see the statues and museums — taking care not to wander too close to politicians lest you contract a serious case of lunacy.

I have lived in the Village of Audubon, the hometown of the Franco-American Naturalist, John James Audubon. My connection to my genealogy is a fascinating one. Many of the persons from my grandparent’s ancestral villages have Bird Names! Names like: Czapla, Dudek, Kruk, łuszcz, Orzeł{owski}, Ptak, Siewki(Siwiec), Sroka, Skowronek, Sokol(owski),   Szczygieł,  Wrobel, Zięba, żuraw(ski), (and even Włecial=flew) etc. Now one thing had nothing to do with the other; It was just a weird juxtaposition of my life. To couple these two things with my obsession with ducks and yea verily all manner of water fowl — well you get today’s posting. Maybe birds really are in my DNA (in more ways than one).

Actually, today’s posting came from my iGoogle page (Genealogy & Libraries). I have hooked the Smithsonian Libraries blog into the iGoogle page. Today they blogged about their Gallery of Images. Now I thought this was going to be another mention of their flickr pages. But I was wrong. WARNING: do not go to the Gallery of Images if you suffer from ADD. You can easily become lost in the SIL efforts to bring these images and their information online.

The picture at the top is not from Audubon’s Birds of North America, but it is from “The Birds of North America” by Spencer Fullerton Baird, published in 1860 (Philadelphia).

[click on read more to Polish-English Bord List]                                  

Polish-English Bird List

(bold-red means you are a bird(uh villager) from Pacanów/Biechów parishes)

batalion sandpiper
bażanty pheasant
Bocian stork
cietrzewie grouse
czapla heron
czerwonak flamingo
dudek hoopoe
Dzięcioł woodpecker
Frajer gull
gęsi goose
gołąb dove
indyki turkey
jaskółka swallow
jastrząb hawk
Kaczka duck
kogut rooster
kormoran cormorant
kurczak chicken
kuropatwy partridge
kruk raven
łabędź swan
łuszcz cardinal??
łyska coot
mewy buzzard
myszołów condor
orzeł eagle
papuga parrot
paw peacock
pelikan pelican
pingwin penguin
pleśniawki thrush
ptak bird
rybitwy tern
rybołów osprey
sęp vulture
siewki  (siwiec) plover
sokoł falcon
sowa owl
sójka jay
sroka magpie
skowronek lark
strzyżyk wren
szczygieł goldfinch
szpak starling
wrobel sparrow
wronę crow
zięba finch
zimorodka kingfisher
żuraw crane

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