#Genealogy – Without the Sermon: Introducing “The Catholic Gene”

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

A new take on Genealogy and a very polished blog to boot.  Welcome to “The Catholic Gene“. Just look at these bloggers …

Jasia (Creative Gene), Donna Pointkouski who also writes What’s Past is Prologue, Stephen Danko, Sheri Fenley, Lisa (Smallest Leaf), Lisa A. Alzo, Denise Levenick, Craig Manson, and Ceil Jensen.  That’s not a blog, that’s a full blown Polish Genealogy Conference!

I had seen mention of it via my rootsweb genealogy mailing lists, then I saw it pop up on my iGoogle Genealogy Page.  I had to check it out after reading Creative Gene (see my blog roll — in fact most of these people are on it). Naturally, Stanczyk‘s curiosity  was piqued by the blog roll entry, “The Curt Jester”  — clever.

Make this a part of your Sunday ritual, its good for the soul and should be good for your genealogy too.

2 Comments to “#Genealogy – Without the Sermon: Introducing “The Catholic Gene””

  1. “full blown Polish genealogy conference” LOL! We let some non-Poles in, too!

    Thanks for the lovely mention. Just out of curiosity, what footwear list did you see it on (I’m on Poland-roots but currently behind in reading it).


  2. I see there were some Non-Polonia amongst the bloggers — the more the merrier this jester says.

    I saw Ceil post to many ROOTSweb mailing lists and I saw Jasia’s blog Creative Gene, before I read your own blog. I guess I’ll have to update my blogroll and iGoogle Genealogy page.


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