#Polish #Genealogy #Blog – Stanczyk Thanks His Visitors …

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

2 Comments to “#Polish #Genealogy #Blog – Stanczyk Thanks His Visitors …”

  1. Hello Stanczyk,

    I am one of your subscribers from California in the U.S despite the fact that my own research takes me to Brzozow (Podkarpackie) & Korzenna ( Malopolska) Poland!! I enjoy your blog very much and have found a few very interesting articles, like your post about the House Numbers and the subsequent answer and also the one about the antique Shoemaker’s Poster. I continue my own research into the Shoemaker’s of Poland and will share my findings when I come across them.
    However, I am finding one difficulty with the site. I find the small very light color and thin font with the gray background difficult to read. When you Bold the letters, it makes it much easier to read. Is there any chance you will consider a minor change to accomodate your audience with vision problems?
    Thank you for the entertainment and keep asking those difficult questions, so you can post the answers for us all!

    • MaryAnne,
      Thanks for subscribing and also for writing to me. Your kind words hearten and encourage me.

      The format of the blog/website is due to wordpress (my blogging software and website provider). Their programs dictate the “style” which I have very little control over. I will try and write using a bigger “format” (ex. Heading 4 instead of paragraph). I cannot write in all bold as that will actually make things harder to read for more people.

      But I suspect the problem is really your browser. Fortunately, most browsers now allow a “zoom” feature. I can give you help with either Internet Explorer or Firefox(Mozilla) browsers.

      In Internet Explorer (popular in Windows computers), you would hit ‘Alt-X’. That is press and hold the ‘Alt’ key next to spacebar, and while still holding down the ‘Alt’ key press ‘x’. Hence Alt-x. This will bring up a “contextual” menu near the top of your browser window. “Zoom” is the third choice. It will bring up a list of zoom-levels. I recommend 125% or 150% for you. That should improve the readability for you.

      In Firefox, you press “Ctrl-Shift-+” to zoom in and “Ctrl–” That is Control-plus to zoom in and Control-minus to zoom out. As with the “Alt” key, the “Ctrl” key must be pressed and held down while you type the other key(s).

      Let me know if you use another browser. I do have Safari for Windows (sadly Stanczyk is making do with a Windows computer instead of his beloved MAC).

      If the “zoom” feature improves your ability to read my blog, then I will not make any changes. You may also want to have someone to adjust the contrast/color on your monitor for you too. I know I had to really tinker with these Windows computers to get the colors to give me the proper contrast. This was something I took for granted in the MAC world.

      Stanczyk too has “very aged” eyes from years of working on computers.

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