Metal Id Card ? ? ?

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

Stanczyk has a question for the vast army of Genealogists out there on the Internet. Today’s blog has a picture of my deceased grandfather’s social security card. This card is brass (I think). Here’s the question:  Did the U.S.A. ever issue metal social security cards ? Does anyone else have a metal social security card ?

Does anyone else have an oddity from an ancestor that you are puzzling over? Send me your comments and pictures.


2 Comments to “Metal Id Card ? ? ?”

  1. Yep, my grandfather (born in 1925) has a metal social security card. Every time he goes through a metal detector at the airport it goes off! Haha.


  2. They were not issued by the Federal Government, however there were many advertisements back in the day to ‘trade in’ your paper card for one that would never wear out. Mine is over 25 Years old and I have never had a problem with someone not accepting it as the real thing.


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