From Pacanow, Russian-Poland to Cleveland, Ohio

by C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon

As you must know by now, Stanczyk’s  paternal family is from Pacanow. I like to use the website: very valuable. It helps you distinguish between same name villages by providing valuable info, like Pacanow’s, gmina, powiat, or wojewodztwo. It also says that is has a population of  1,275 people. If you read the church records from 1868-1918 (which are in Russian/Cyrillic) they describe Pacanow as a settlement.  So in my mind’s eye, it is a small place.

So, when I find records of an Elijasz or other family from that village/parish (Pacanow is also the parish locale), I think they must be related to me. How then, can there be this whole little community of Pacanow  Elijasz/Elyasz/Eliasz/Heliasz who came to be in Cleveland, Ohio and I and my family have no collective memory of them?  So I have used the LDS resource, ,  and also the Cleveland Public Library’s Necrology database and collected much info which I have augmented with and data. With that info I have built a profile of these people which I will list today in hopes that somebody who lives on the Internet will see their ancestor and contact this jester.

Let me start with Agnieszka Elijasz (aka Eliasz). She came to Cleveland (which is true of the rest, so I will not mention this again). She married a Stanislaw Hajek. She came from her brother Roman Eliasz to a cousin Zwolski in the Pasaic, NJ, USA. So we have Elijasz, Zwolski, and Hajek and all of these are families from Pacanow.  Because she names Roman Eliasz, my theory is her parents are: Jozef Elijasz (aka Heliasz) and Theresa Siwiec. She became more interesting recently because I received an email from a genealogist who named Roman Zwolski of Pasaic, NJ as a son of Petronella Elijasz (and a Jan Zwolski). I did find the birth record for this Roman Zwolski and confirmed that his mother was indeed Petronella Zwolski (a previously unknown Elijasz)! So Hajek-Elijasz from Cleveland let me hear from you.

One final aside,  the Roman Eliasz named above from Agnieszka’s ship manifest, his granddaughter, Elzbieta (nee Heliasz) Kapusta, whom I met on the Polish social networking website,, out the kindness of her heart, without any prodding from this jester, drove back to Biechow, and retrieved a copy of my grandparent’s marriage record from the church and also a copy of the civil record and mailed them to me — forever endearing her to me.

Now I have a long list so I will skip all the stories of the rest. But this next one is interesting because a L. Baran (from emailed me from Poland having knowledge of Elijasz from Pacanow and she named an Anna Elijasz.  This Anna I believe is the one that married Stanislaw Domagalski. I also think Domagalski is a Pacanow family too. So Domagalski from Cleveland let me hear from you.

I hope all of the rest also contact me.  Tekla Eliasz & Alexander Musial. Musial is another Pacanow family name and some went to Michigan too. Antoni Boza & Franciszka Eliasz, or Paul Budka & Elizabeth Elijasz, or finally Ignacy Elijasz & Augusta Ciaplenska.

Now as you may have noticed, most in this blog were female Elijasz, meaning the family name going forward is something else. Indeed, even Boza, Budka, Hajek, Musial or Domagalski may not remain, but they are links in the chain. Those elusive female ancestors!

Just for good measure will the ancestors of Stanley Elyasz of Detroit (a first cousin of my grandfather) or the Stanley Eliasz (aka Ellis?) of Buffalo who are also Pacanow Elijasz also contact me. I won’t even go into the Elijasz from Massachusetts who I believe are a very far branch (and for the most part not from Pacanow, although I saw a Szczucin Elijasz in Massachusetts) of the family.

Jak się masz, Elijasz?

P.S. – I hope you noticed  the several Polish websites mentioned. American genealogists need to get on these Polish websites and search for their families in Poland  there too.

2 Comments to “From Pacanow, Russian-Poland to Cleveland, Ohio”

  1. Hi there, read your blog with interest as my mothers family are SIWIEC fron Pacanow and I remember as a young girl my granfather’s cousin Julian Elias was always there at their house for holidays. This Elias was related to the Elias family in Niagara Falls Ny. My grandfther’s family, Siwiec was related to Elias family, Have you any more info on Siwiec family


    • Nancy,
      Welcome and thanks for writing (and reading the blog)!

      First off all Eliasz/Elias/Elijasz/Elyasz/Heliasz/Eljasz from Pacanow are indeed related to me. There are also Siwiec related to me to. Pacanow is a small enough place that many families inter-marry with some regularity.

      Nancy, I am a genealogist and as such I have more info in Eliasz/Siwiec in my family tree. It is a public tree on ( A link to Theresa Siwiec). There is also a Mary Siwiec.

      On ancestry you can find a Julian Eliasz (Elijasz) from Pacanow crossing from Canada to NY a time or two. These Niagara Eliasz and the Buffalo Eliasz I believe are related to me, but I am missing the connecting link to hook them definitively into my tree.

      My grandfather’s brother (Jan Eliasz/Elijasz) went to Niagara Falls before comign to Detroit, MI to be with my grandfather and a grand-aunt of mine named Mary Elijasz Gronek. So we have Jozef (my grandfather), Mary and Jan Eliasz in Detroit, MI area. There was also a Stanislaw Elijasz(aka Elyasz) in Detroit, that I believe was a first cousin to my grandfather. There was another Elijasz family in Toledo, OH area that again must have been cousins to my grandfather: Wiktoria, Wincenty and Pawel (also temporarily there was another Jan who went back to Pacanow). These Eliasz are descended from the Jozef Eliasz (aka Heliasz) that married Theresa Siwiec. These Toledo Elijasz however were from another wife of Jozef’s (Petronella Zwolski).

      I have traded emails with a very kind Polish woman who is great-granddaughter of Theresa Siwiec Elijasz (aka Heliasz). She still lives in Poland and is from Biechow (near Pacanow). Her maiden name was Heliasz and her married name is Kapusta. I wrote about her early on in my blog. She got me my grandparents’ marriage record from Biechow church!

      I know very little about the Niagara/Buffalo Eliasz. Do you have a family tree with these Eliasz in them by any chance?


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